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Free shipping and home delivery worldwide on all orders above 50€/54$/375DKK

8 Year Anniversary at Obst & Gemüse

If you are a cyclist and you travel around the world, you may want to go up to the top of the emblematic Empire State Building, perhaps you want to admire El Prado, or you fancy going for a walk around the Japanese Garden; but I am pretty sure you won't leave back home without visiting a certain few shops.

Because there are some special places where you go, not just when you need new brake pads or spare inner tubes, there are bike shops with charm and personality, where you can have a coffee, chat with the owners or meet some friends before and after a ride.

OBST & GEMÜSE (Basel, Switzerland) holds a privileged position in this list.
You know this is a special place as soon as you cross the huge carved wooden door when you find the first bikes waiting on the patio or the first time you walk inside, to a clean and open space divided into two floors. Downstairs, the best cargo bikes; upstairs, a painstaking selection of performance products and dreamlike machines.

The store celebrates these days the 8th anniversary. And, is there a better way to celebrate your birthday than getting soaked to the skin, climbing steep walls of mud and stone and going crazy downhill putting your bike and your skills to the test? Is there a better way than finishing with delicious homemade food and drinking cold beer specially brewed for O&G?

The beautiful Basel is always a good idea but, if you have never been to Obst & Gemüse, now you have a good excuse to plan a long weekend in Switzerland.

Original text by Elena Bris