A Scandinavian Treasure


No matter what part of the world you go to with your bike, there’s always a chance of finding the “local classic”.

In France, it’s impossible to miss La Marmotte. Italy has its own equivalents in Maratona de Dolomites and Gran Fondo Stelvio. But what happens when you shy away from high mountain passes, famous alpine climbs and head north for Scandinavia?

We followed a group of riders from Pas Normal Studios to the Danish spring classic, Grejsdalsløbet, to experience the race at first hand.




5.30 am. Preparing for the race. 

Grejsdalsløbet has its start and finish in Vejle, 250 kilometers from Copenhagen, and is set in the bottom of the archipelago nestled in between lush green forests and wide open fields. The thing you don’t experience by looking at a map of Vejle is the never-ending amount of short and punchy hills making the area a tough combatant on race day.

6.30 am. Rolling off to the start of the race. 

With the race being set in Denmark there are no long climbs. No high mountain passes. Instead, there’s no shortage of 500-1500 meter climbs, that will slowly wear out most riders and define the group of select riders that will be in front of the 220-kilometer race.

Race profile

7.28am. Final moments before the start. 

8.15 am. A series of punctures early in the race caused by the harsh gravel surface and cobble sections.

8.25 am. Chasing down the front group after a change of wheel. 

9.00 am. Back in the front of the race. 

10.45 am. Entering the feed zone. 

11.00 am. The second group keeping up the pace halfway through the race. 

11.35 am. Back in the front group, a small group of riders is out in front. The chase is on. 

12.30 noon. A new chasing group is formed by Kasper Anker.

1.47 pm. The chasers reach the final hill. 700 meters / 14% / Max. 20%.

1.49 pm. Done and dusted.

The “6 hour” faces

“Destination Everywhere” made a welcoming visit to Vejle

See you all in Vejle for next years Grejsdalløb.

Remember to sign up for our Group Ride with the International Cycling Club in Vejle on August 2. 

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