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Control Collection

About Control

Cycling is a year-round sport. Staying dry and warm is fundamental and avoiding overheating or feeling bulky is the biggest challenge on your rides later in the year. At the same time, it has been a g ambition of ours to not compromise on what we think is the Pas Normal Studios approach to a visually contemporary cycling kit.

The Control collection, derived from the notion of this constant desire to maintain a sense of control in environments and conditions which you have no control over, sets the standard for what should be expected from your cold weather cycling apparel. Presented with an entirely new range of colour-ways, the Control collection showcases the seamless integration of technical performance with fashionable aesthetics. Discover how this autumn/winter apparel can help you take control on the bike over the harshest winter conditions.


Already a staple for the Control collection of on-the-bike apparel dedicated to the colder seasons, the range of jerseys has been updated and expanded to effectively combat the changing weather conditions. For cold, early morning starts that heat up as the day goes on the introduction of the new Short Sleeve and Defend Short Sleeve Jerseys make riding through these changing temperatures more manageable. This season's newest T.K.O. Long Sleeve Jersey is presented with an injection of colour, creating an element of style and depth.

Bibs and Tights

The newest release of cold weather bibs includes the return of our Fleece Bibs, which features SuperRoubaix fleece for an incredibly soft feel to keep you warm and comfortable. An updated version of the lightweight Defend Bibs have also been included with its wind and water-repellent capabilities and signature race fit. For an extra layer of warmth, the long legged thermal bib tights are best suited for when the temperatures begin to drop. These tights are also available in a limited quantity T.K.O. version, designed to match this season's T.K.O. Long Sleeve Jersey.

Jackets and Gilets

Presented with an exciting new selection of colourways, the Shield Jackets and Gilets provide the ultimate lightweight protection from the elements. Created with the Schoeller c_change® membrane, this fabric is activated in higher temperatures to disperse excess moisture. In cold conditions, the same membrane contracts and effectively keeps you warm. For the most demanding, deep winter weather, we have redeveloped our Winter Jacket to provide unrivalled levels of warmth and breathability. Constructed from the highly technical Polartec® Power Shield® Pro fabric, the jacket offers an outstanding balance between warmth and breathability with an exceptional ability to repel water.


Ideal for effectively combating the dropping temperatures, this season’s range of Mid and Heavy Baselayers lay down the perfect foundation to your winter layers. Constructed using the innovative Polartec® Power Wool™ fabric, these baselayers feature a merino wool interior and a synthetic fibre exterior with a distinct surface, created to optimise moisture control, breathability, and durability. Presented with mid- and heavyweight fabric densities, as well as multiple sleeve styles, these pieces are extremely versatile and are easily incorporated into your summer and winter wardrobe.


A well-defined and standout collection of layers for the extremities, this season's expanded range of accessories has been assembled to keep you warm from head to toe. Repeatedly redesigned and tested, this collection sees the emergence of the updated Arm, Knee, and Leg Warmers, as well as the introduction of a brand new Heavy Neck Tube and Heavy Glove.

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