Polartec® Power Wool™

Adroitly combining superior natural and synthetic fibres, Polartec® has developed a revolutionary, hybrid bi-knit fabric that delivers comfort and warmth while maximising performance. This fabric's properties made it the optimal choice for constructing a base layer which is designed to be used in diverse conditions and levels of activity. With a merino wool interior and a synthetic fibre exterior, we have developed a extraordinary base layer with a distinct surface, created to optimise moisture control, breathability, and durability. The ultra-fine merino wool makes this piece naturally odour resistant while a high-efficiency grid backer traps warm air and aids in moisture transfer for quick drying.

Polartec® Power Shield™ Pro

Designed to combat the winter's relentless delivery of strong winds, rain, and snow, the Power Shield™ Pro soft shell fabric technology is the optimal defence. Utilising air permeable functional layers, excess heat and moisture vapour are released to create a dry microclimate around your body. The inherently soft and pliable construction of this dense, multi-component knit fabric allows our Winter Jacket to easily drape onto any underlying form without restricting movement or flexibility.