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Shield Program

Schoeller® c_change® Membrane

Designed for continuous year-round use, the Shield Program is comprised of gilets and jackets which effectively ensure the optimum body climate in all conditions. Created with biomimetic Schoeller® textiles, the c_change® membrane reacts to intense temperature changes and moisture development. At higher temperatures the polymer structure opens, allowing excess heat and moisture to escape the body. In the cold, or as the body is less active, the polymer structure contracts and keeps heat close to the body, effectively preventing shivering or chilling.


Tailored to the requirements of both racing and exploring, the Shield Gilet and Jacket have been designed to have a less tight fit, but still maintain a sufficiently aerodynamic fit. The fabric, which is both waterproof and wind repellent, also features a reflective print on all colour-ways to keep you visible in low light conditions.