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Introducing this season's offering from the design studio of Creative Director, Karl Oskar Olsen. This is our signature label for technical innovation and fashion based aesthetics.

Playfully designed with a deconstructed mosaic of textile prints, the T.K.O. Jersey boldly contrasts contemporary patterns, shapes, and colours against a black foundation. Aberrant and distinct with its raglan-sleeved construction and patchwork appearance, this new piece completely challenges the standards of how cycling apparel should look and feel.


Continuing the deconstructed textile motif on the straps and back panel from its jersey counterpart, the T.K.O. Bibs have been completely rebuilt for uncompromising performance and comfort. An offset T.K.O. print on the thigh creates a playful adaptation to the design of our proven Mechanism Bibs.


Featuring our signature aerodynamic race fit, the T.K.O. Skinsuit is your ideal companion for important race days and high-paced training. The lower bib portion of this skinsuit has been rebuilt to the same new construction as our Mechanism Bibs. With a micro-perforated front panel and a lightweight, textured back panel, air friction and drag is reduced across the upper portion of your body without restricting your mobility or comfort.


Karl Oskar Olsen

Creative Director

"Most of the times when I start off a design process I always end up drawing a square, being the functionalist that I am. The main idea with this seasons T.K.O. drop was to challenge myself and create something that had a more powerful and eccentric expression".

"I wanted the output to look quite random, something that looked like it had been sewn coincidentally together by pieces of fabric laying around in the studio. There's a print on the jersey we call 'Noise.' It was actually a piece of check wool knit we found, so we sent it to the factory in Italy and asked if they could create a digital print of that and just scale it down. Another point is the green dot check, it's actually a print from our mechanism drop, but I felt it could be cool to use fragments from that line in the T.K.O. collection as well".

"We tried to create a different, asymmetric colour blocking on all the pieces. We added the very unlikely combination of the blue contrast zipper, also to kind of understate the idea of something created by coincidence. Normally I would never use a second colour contrast zipper, but for this it felt right".