We are always on the move. We are always looking for what is around the next bend. Something new and exciting is always on the rise, but everything we do at Pas Normal Studios is centred around a common denominator: Riding our bikes. It is our favourite way of exploring what is around us and ourselves.

We started the company on the foundations of a strong local community in Copenhagen which later evolved into what Pas Normal Studios is today: an international love for riding bikes. On a mission to live our core values of riding our bikes with friends, new and old, we launched Destination Everywhere in partnership with Mercedes-Benz, SRAM, and Cannondale. This is our way of meeting fellow riders face to face to share memorable experiences on our bikes. Everywhere, really.

In 2018 we went on a tour throughout Europe visiting pro races, granfondos, and ICC Group Rides with local retailers while also embarking on magnificent adventure rides through the vast European mountain ranges. This year, we are out on the road once again. Ready to share unforgettable moments with the people we meet along the way. New places, new climbs, but also back to our favourite spots throughout the continent.

Make sure to check out the Destination Everywhere calendar for a chance to meet us on the road.


You can meet our Destination Everywhere van at these locations.