International Cycling Club

Introducing the International Cycling Club

As with any club it is all about coming together and sharing a passion. In this case our relentless desire to ride bikes. Our club is about being out on the road, exploring with friends, both old and new.

What started as a local Copenhagen phenomenon has now evolved into international group rides across Europe, the United States and Asia.  We would like to invite you to join our rides with the International Cycling Club and to be part of our shared passion where ever you may be.

We are adding new rides continuously and we hope to see you out there.

Come ride with us!


Upcoming Rides



Past Rides



Practical Info




The wearing of a helmet is mandatory on all rides.

Race or Ride?

Unless otherwise stated by the group leader this is not a race. There will be intervals, sprints etc, but the main objective is being out on the road.

What to bring? 

All riders need to be self-sufficient for the entirety of the ride. That means bringing water, energy bars and spare tubes.

Some rides will be supported by a service car – if it is, we will let you know when registrating for the ride.





For any further info please contact us at [email protected].





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