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The Pilgrimage
In March 2019, seven riders set out to follow the Camino del Norte to Santiago de Compostela. In 7 days, they covered 1200 kilometres and 25.000 metres of vertical elevation.
Continuously increasing in popularity over the last few decades, this pilgrimage is often revered as a meditative experience; a spiritual journey towards self-discovery and betterment. Most often tackled on foot and spanning over durations from weeks to months, the simplicity of walking, eating, and sleeping allows its travellers to completely disconnect from life's distractions and connect more deeply with themselves.

Completing this pilgrimage on two wheels, while traversing over the most mountainous routes in just seven days, would push this meditative experience to its absolute limits.

The route, designed to be a true test of endurance, grit, and mental fortitude, included as many breathtaking climbs as possible, both iconic and unsung and all on small roads. Stripping away pride, vanity, impudence, patience; the pilgrimage revealed an expedited means of dismantling the social norms and expectations with which we surround ourselves on a daily basis. In the end, all that would remain would be a plain and simple portrayal of who each of us were at our most basic foundation.
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