55°35'23" N, 12°40'7" E
54°33'33" N, 11°58'11" E
55°33'45" N, 8°4'21" E
57°45'9" N, 10°37'1" E

A 48 hour journey to the geographical extremities of Denmark.
Going into any trip there are some unknown factors. Some trips have more unknowns than others. These unknowns are what create the foundations of an adventure and the number of unknowns and the extent of them determines the level of "adventure". You can travel to far off places where the unknowns are inherent simply due to the geographical and cultural differences. But by setting off in one's own country the geographical and cultural unknowns are more subtle and the sense of adventure needs to come from somewhere else. By setting a goal to cover 900 kilometres in under 48 hours it is destined to become an adventure into the mind and body of oneself. One will be guaranteed to visit places in one's own body and mind that have never been visited before. But it is as much an adventure into a simple world. As the kilometres roll by one slowly rolls into a world where the struggles of everyday life disappear and the only things that matter are the most basic things. It's a journey through Maslow's hierarchy of needs. A journey that starts out at the very top but quickly is solely focused on the very bottom. Food, water, shelter, and (lack of) sleep.

As for "Why go on a trip like this?", Sir Edmund Hillary's answer to "Why climb Everest?" seems fitting:

"For the hell of it."

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