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The man behind Pas Normal Studios and fashion label Wood Wood, Danish clothing designer Karl-Oskar Olsen picks his favourite items on show at the Rouleur Classic.

“The stand-out bike for me was the green Cannondale Slate, with the leftie front fork. It's something I've never seen before and I just want to ride it. It looks like something happened between a mountain bike and a race bike, it's crazy but it looks nice."
“I loved to see the collection of pink jerseys from the Giro d'Italia. You can see the development of the garments over the years, the way that they used the branding throughout the years and the way that Gazzetta dello Sport has been embroidered on the jerseys in the different fonts, it's super nice."

“I think also with the colour pink, it's almost like the Giro took ownership of that colour. But it's still strong. If you look at today's fashion, pink is a colour that comes and goes but it's always there."
“My favourite bike here is the Cannondale Super Six. The lines, the construction, the form of the bike, it speaks to my sense of aesthetics. It's clean, without a sloping top tube, and it's still modern but it's very natural bike shape."
“It's interesting for me to see the way the Eroica pays homage to the history of cycling, and I like the fact that there are these rules that you can't ride a bike made before 1987."

“I would love to ride it one day; I like the whole thing with the old jerseys, there's a lot of inspiration to be had there."
“I've always been a fan of La Vie Claire. Obviously it reminds me of the artist Mondrian and it's super modern, it's very fashionable in the world we live in today. I love the riders who were in the team: Bernard Hinault and Greg Lemond. My big hero in cycling is Bernard Hinault."

“And of course I love the world champion's jersey; when I was a kid my biggest dream was to have the jersey."
Article from Rouleur Magazine

Words: Rouleur

Photography: Marshall Kappel