Road to Nowhere

Last year, we put words and design to life with iconic Danish film director and poet, Jørgen Leth. This year, the collection will feature one of the major up-and-coming Scandinavian poets, the 27-year old Victor Boy Lindholm. Like Jørgen Leth, Victor shares a deep passion for cycling, while also being a keen and gifted bike rider. Danish poet and writer Victor Boy Lindholm was born in 1991 and had his debut collection JUSTIN published in 2013. He has also been featured in numerous journals and publications throughout Scandinavia. His most recent publication RESORT was published this year. He lives and works in Copenhagen. The 2018 Road to Nowhere collection consists of a skinsuit, gilets, and long and short sleeved jerseys. Technically, the items are based on our tried and tested Mechanism collection but each takes on new life in our Road to Nowhere capsule collection, through design and the words of Victor Boy Lindholm.

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