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    The Next Generation

    “I know that there are great expectations of me from the outside world, but it’s not something I think about every day.
    My personal ambitions for my career and my development are so great that I think they exceed other peoples expectations for me.
    I want to be the best. And I want to win everything there is to win.
    I am so dedicated and so eager to succeed that I dare say out loud that my ambitions are sky-high.”

    – Junior MTB and XC World Champion Simon Andreassen for Euroman.

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    Exploring Scandinavia

    “When we finally reached our destination, Varberg, it felt like an anticlimax. We’d been riding the last 2 hours in complete darkness and ended up in this beautiful hotel directly on the beach. But completely shattered and drained we went straight to bed. I wondered how many of us would make it back to Copenhagen on the bike…. ”

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    There is this road

    “Lucca is a spectacular place to ride a bike nestled in a valley between mountain and sea it’s been a training ground of choice for professional riders for nigh on a hundred years. Every time you go for a ride you share road space with a former pro, a current pro or a future pro. They are all here. There is something for everyone. But it’s not infested, you can escape, find the peace, the solitude and if you desire….the road to nowhere.”

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