Pas Normal Studios Taipei

Pas Normal Studios Taipei
52 Xinzhong Street
Taipei City, Taiwan

The Pas Normal Studios Taipei is located in the Minsheng community, a historical neighbourhood that will bring you an unforgettable experience in the city.
With weekly rides and events, the shop will function as a base for visiting and local cyclists who prefer a genuine riding experience or pre/post-ride snacks and refreshments.

Pas Normal Studios Taipei will retail the newest collections, collaborations, and other fine cycling products along with presenting live race coverage and much more.

For more information about rides and events please call the store (+886-2-27492999) or come visit us.
Group Rides
We organise group rides every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday starting at 07.00 from the shop. The rides consist of a dedicated women's ride, a social ride and a training ride.

Check out our upcoming rides and join us for an unrivalled experience around the Yangminshan.

Taiwan is known as “Formosa" meaning "beautiful island" in Pacific Asia. Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, offering a mix of nature and metropolis, surrounded by numerous mountains which have a very particular landscape that is easy to ride for every cyclist.

From the store, it just takes 15 minutes to the bottom of mountain called Yangminshan. There are hundreds of routes in the mountains, where you can ride along the seacoast, deep in the mountains, or even up to a few hidden away hot springs.

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