Free shipping and home delivery worldwide on all orders above 50€/54$/375DKK

Free shipping and home delivery worldwide on all orders above 50€/54$/375DKK

Winter Kit Combinations

The frigid bite of winter's arrival can deter even the most committed riders. Sharp arctic winds, damp conditions, and salty roads only provide further temptations to stay at home, swaddled in your warm duvet instead of winter's icy embrace. Although the conditions you face outside remain out of your control, it does not mean your methods for combatting them should be the same.

Carefully selected from this year's Control collection, we have developed a series of weather-specific kit combinations to help eliminate any disincentive you can come up with for not riding throughout the winter.

Early Winter

Visualised through the ultimate expulsion of reds and browns as the leaves change colour, autumn draws attention to the final warm days of riding. The transition into the shorter, colder days of winter has started, and as the trees begin to shed their layers, you begin to increase yours accordingly. See how you can stay best protected from the elements with these perfectly suited kit combinations as you prepare for the onset of winter.

Deep Winter

The desolate landscapes inhabited by naked trees and barren fields lend the perfect image to the heart of winter. The cold should not simply be endured as the base miles get piled on in anticipation of spring's return, but embraced as an opportunity to develop a psychological resilience for sustained success. Explore our recommendations on how you can build up your ideal deep winter survival kit.

Rain and Snow

Even the most dedicated riders can struggle to get excited about riding when a quick look out the window reveals nothing but a bleak view filled with grey skies, rainstorms, or wet snow. Your ride loses all enjoyment once you get wet or cold and all you can think about is being back at home. The simple application of a weatherproof kit can shift this perspective of loathing to longing and keep you out on the road all day long. Discover what you have been missing out on with these carefully curated selections of wet-weather kits.

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